Arthur W. English, PhD


Cell Biology

Affiliate Scientist

Yerkes National Primate Research Center


Rehabilitation Medicine

Office: 405P Whitehead Research Bldg

Phone: 404 727-6250


Office Location:

Mailing Address:

Emory University - Department of Cell Biology

615 Michael St, 1941/001/1AF

Atlanta, GA 30322

Research Focus

My research program investigates recovery from peripheral nerve injuries. We study this at three levels. First, the enhancement of axon regeneration following nerve injuries using moderate exercise is being studied in genetically manipulated mice. Of particular interest is the interaction of neuronal activity, gonadal hormones, and neurotrophins. Second, we study the plasticity of synapses in the spinal cord following nerve injury and whether exercise can reverse injury-induced changes. Of special interest is the role of axonal protein synthesis. Finally, we study the effects of exercise on functional recovery after nerve injury as part of a PPG from the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research of NICHD. 

Lab Personnel

Postdoctoral fellows: Patricia J. Ward, Poonam Jaiswal (

Grad students: Kristen Sanders, Claire McGregor


Upcoming Publication:

Dr. English et al. publication

Confocal images through two cut and repaired peripheral nerves showing yellow regenerating axons.  The nerve on the left was a control.  That on the right was from a mouse treated with one hour of 20Hz electrical stimulation immediately after the injury.