Alexa L. Mattheyses, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Cell Biology


Integrated Cellular Imaging Microscopy Core Facility, Emory University School of Medicine

Office: 405F Whitehead Building

Phone: (404) 727-9972


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Emory University - Department of Cell Biology

615 Michael Street

Atlanta, GA 30322

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Research Focus

The Mattheyses laboratory is interested in how cells interact with each other and their environment, and how the spatial-temporal dynamics and regulation of this communication directly impacts cellular homeostasis and function. We develop and apply innovative fluorescence microscopy techniques to elucidate the dynamics, forces, and organization of proteins within macromolecular assemblies central to cellular communication. Our three main intersecting areas of interest are: the organization and regulation of desmosomes, mechano-transduction and molecular forces in cell adhesion, and the spatio-temporal dynamics of endocytosis. Characteristics of proteins in the cellular environment – localization dynamics, higher-order organization and assembly, and mechanical tension – can alter function, yet the number of tools that can dissect the native physical environment of proteins lags behind that of biochemical analyses. Our research combines sophisticated imaging including super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (SIM and STORM) and total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), and microscopy technique development with primary and continuous cell culture models, molecular biology, theoretical modeling, and image analysis.  Our goal is to gain a mechanistic understanding of the dynamics and function of macromolecular complexes in cellular communication and providing insight into the cellular basis for human health and disease.