James Q. Zheng, PhD


Department of Cell Biology

Office: 546 Whitehead Rsch Bldg

Phone: 404 727-9133

Email: james.zheng@emory.edu

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Emory University - Department of Cell Biology

615 Michael St, 1941-001-1AF

Atlanta, GA 30322

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Research Focus

We study the cell biology of nerve cells with a specific focus on the signal transduction and cytoskeletal mechanisms underlying neural development, disorders, and regeneration. Three major areas are being pursued in our lab: (1) axonal growth and guidance, (2) synapse formation and plasticity, and (3) intracellular trafficking. Our research employs some unique experimental approaches that combine sophisticated molecular/cellular imaging and powerful molecular manipulation to perform functional analyses of neurons at single molecule level. Our goal is to not only gain a mechanistic understanding of the molecular and cellular aspects of neuronal structure and function, but also provide insights into the cellular basis for brain abnormality and disorders. It is our hope that these basic studies will build the foundation for the development of potential strategies and treatments to promote regeneration and repair of damaged neuronal circuitry after neural injuries and degeneration.

A postdoctoral position is available. Click here for details.