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Name: Harish C Joshi, Ph.D.
Title: Associate Professor Cell Biology
Phone: 4047270445
Address:047 Cell Biology Building , GA

Research Interests:

Study of microtubules which play crucial roles in mitotic and post-mitotic phases of neuron life.

We are interested in how cells ensure accurate segregation of chromosomes during the cell division cycle and how this process go awry in cancer cells. Microtubules play crucial roles in ensuring the fidelity of chromosome segregation in dividing cells and in the elaboration and maintenance of axons and dendrites of post-mitotic neurons. We are using molecular and genetic approaches to understand fundamental mechanisms of microtubule functions in both the normal cell division in healthy cells and the abnormal divisions in cancer cells. We are also taking advantage of our knowledge to design novel small molecules to intervene diseased conditions such as cancer.

Selected publications:

Last Update: 05.25.2011

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