Faundez Lab Paper Published in Cell Systems

Emory Stem Cell Core Becomes newest member of EICF

Dr. Ken Moberg Receives the 2017 SOM Dean's Teaching Award

Dr. Gary Bassell Publishes paper in Cell Reports

Congrats to Dr. James Zheng on an awesome paper in JCB

Dr. Wilfried Rossoll Publishes Paper in Cell Reports

Dr. Dorothy Lerit Publishes Paper in Cell Reports

Dr. Kenneth Moberg is Appointed to NIH Study Section

Dr. Gary Bassell Received the Emory 1% Award for His Top 1 Percentile Score on an "NIH R01 Grant" proposal

Dr. Victor Faundez Became an Honorary Inductee into the Sir William Osler Society, Emory University School of Medicine (Teaching Award)

Dr. James Zheng Appointed to the NDPR Study Section 

Bassell and Rossoll Labs Publish Paper in The Journal of Neuroscience

Dr. Alexa Mattheyses Receives Five Year NSF Career Development Award

Dr. David Katz Publishes Paper in ELife

Bassell and Warren Labs Publish Paper in PNAS

Dr. Maureen Powers Received the Dean's Teaching Award for 2015

Dr. Gary Bassell Named Chair of Cell Biology

Dr. Andrew Kowlalczyk Promoted to Professor

Fragile X Syndrome: Building a Case for a Treatment Strategy

Dr. Andrew Kowalczyk received the Dean's Teaching Award for 2014