Jerome Sutin Lecture

Sutin Lecture

This lecture series is an annual event in honor of our department's former Chairman, Dr. Jerome Sutin. 
Click here to read more about Dr. Sutin's legacy on the Department of Cell Biology history page.

Previous speakers:

  • 2004 - The Genetic Circuitry of Cardiac Development and Disease
  • 2002 - Imaging the Motions that Build Embryos - Dr. Scott Frazier
  • 2001 - Brain Wave and Immune Genes in Visual System Development - Carla J. Shatz, PH.D.
  • 2000 - Neuropoietic Cytokines Regulate Neuronal, Glial and Inflammatory Cell Responses to Injury, Seizure, Ischemia and LTP - Dr. Paul H. Patterson
  • 1999 - Synaptic Plasticity - Dr. Charles F. Stevens
  • 1998 - Timing and Cell Number Control in Neural Development - Dr. Martin C. Raff