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Moberg Lab
Department of Cell Biology
Office: 442 Whitehead Research Building
Phone: 404 727-3733

Welcome to the Moberg Lab

We have interests in two main research interests:

Epithelial growth control

One of our goals is to define the genetic circuitry that controls tissue growth in developing Drosophila epithelia. We use a combination of classic genetics, proteomics, and transcriptomics to identify and define critical growth regulators. Drosophila is a proven and powerful model system to approach this biological problem, and we aim to uncover conserved and novel mechanisms that drive oncogenesis in humans. Much of our current work is focused on crosstalk between the Hippo and steroid hormone pathway through the Taiman-Yorkie complex of transcriptional coactivators.

Modeling neurological disease

We have recently developed an interest in post-transcriptional control of neuronal development and function in Drosophila by the conserved RNA binding protein dNab2. dNab2 is an ortholog of the human ZC3H14 protein, which is lost in an inherited form of intellectual disability (ID). Our studies of dNab2 have uncovered roles in translational repression, axonogenesis and pathfinding, and learning & memory. 


Now accepting applications for two post-doc positions

Now accepting applications for two post-doc positions:

Both positions are in the Moberg Lab, Dept of Cell Biology, Emory University School of Medicine.

1) One will focus on the role of steroid hormones as regulatory inputs into the fly Hippo pathway during developmental, pathologic and regenerative growth.

2) The other will focus on a link between a disease-related RNA binding protein and m6A RNA methylation in the fly brain.

Prior experience with Drosophila during PhD work is preferred. Both positions are NIH funded with the expectation that qualified applicants will apply for independent funding after joining the lab. Preferred start dates in the Fall of 2017.

Email to inquire.


  • PhD student Ed Corgiat passed his Oral Qualifying exam and is off to the Conference on Nucleocytoplasmic Transport in Spain. 

  • Congratulations to FIRST post-doc Gandhy Pierre-Louis on starting his new faculty position!

  • Ken’s new R01 on the Tai-Yki axis in regenerative and development growth starts.

  • Congratulations to Binta for her 2% score on her F31 application! Now she's headed off to an RNA conference in Utah. 

  • Rick's paper on the dNab2-dFMRP interaction in neurons is published in Cell Reports.